Weekend Trip to Lexington, KY

Happy Monday, friends!!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Holy moly, did old man winter decided to rear his ugly head the last couple of days.  It felt like it came out of nowhere, and I was not ready for such bone-chilling cold!!  We spent the weekend in Lexington with some friends, and we were definitely hoping for some of that 70 degree weather we’ve been having recently since most of our time would be spent outside.  The silver lining was that it was supposed to rain all day Saturday for the UT game, but it stopped by 10:00 in the morning, so that was a win in itself!  Our plans for the weekend were to head to the horse races @ Keeneland on Friday and watch the UT game on Saturday evening.  We loved visiting with friends, and we had so much fun doing all kinds of fun things!  Just a warning that this is a long post, but it’s full of fun pictures and good info if you ever find yourself in the Lexington area.

First thing on Friday we woke up early to drive up to Lexington for the races. Scott & Beth drove up separate from Nashville, and Ashley & Aaron flew in from Dallas the day before, so we were all planning to meet up at the tracks.  The first race was @ 1:00, and the drive was 4 hours, so we left around 7:00.  The plan was to stop at a hotel close to the races and change into our race outfits, buuuut that kind of changed when we got off the exit and there were no hotels within a 4 mile radius, and we were already running late b/c of wonderful traffic.  So, we proceeded to change into our nice dress and suit in a Safeway gas station…It was so gross in there, we had to walk next door to the McDonald’s to finish up (so much better, I know ha!).  If only y’all could have seen us!  It was absolutely ridiculous, we couldn’t help but just laugh, and we got tons of stares, but we got changed and made it over in time for the 2nd race.

Nathan had been to Keeneland before, but I hadn’t, so I was super excited to get all dressed up and wear a fancy hat!  Y’all know I never pass up an opportunity like that ; )  My dress was a rental from Rent the Runway, but the one I rented months ago ended up not being available, which was blush pink, and my backup was a deep red.  I had bought a hat to match my 1st dress, and since I didn’t find out until I opened the bag the night before we left that they had only shipped my backup, I had to make my hat work and scramble for other shoes and accessories.  My hat and dress were a little busy-looking together, but I made it work the best I could with what I had.  This was the 1st bad experience I’ve had with Rent the Runway in the 2 years I’ve used them, and I would definitely recommend them if you need any sort of outfit for a specific occasion.  It usually always goes off without a hitch and is so easy!



DRESSTheia-Rent the Runway (wearing a 4)  |  BRACELET:  Kendra Scott-RTR   CLUTCH:  Sole Society ‘Tasia’  |  FASCINATORAmazon  |  LAUREN’S SHOES:  Nine West (old), similar-INC, Bandolino, Nine West  |  NATHAN’S SUITRalph Lauren (wearing a 40L)  |  TIE:  Volunteer Traditions   |  NATHAN’S SHOES:  Bar III (TTS)


It was pretty chilly, windy, and overcast, but luckily we could go inside for some relief and to warm up when we needed to.  It was so neat to be able to be right down by the track and so close to the horses.  Most of the race, you could only see the horses on the screen, but when they came around the turn for the last leg of the race, it was awesome cheering on your horse!  We aren’t big gamblers, so we really only did $0.50 up to $2 bets.  We didn’t win much of anything, but in the end we were only down about $75, and we had an absolute blast being there!  The clubhouse tickets to be down by the track are only $15, and the grandstand general admission is only $5, so it is really a pretty cheap day to spend with friends if you don’t do much betting.  If you haven’t been, I would definitely recommend going.  I’m already looking forward to the next time!

After the races, we went to dinner at Malone’s around 6:00.  The food was great, and if you are ever in Louisville, I would recommend eating there.  I had the blackened mahi mahi, Nathan had the filet & crab leg, and for dessert we had an apple pie crumble that was out of this world.  After dinner we all headed back to the hotel to turn in for the night since we had all had pretty early mornings, and it was a long day.  Party animals, I tell ya!



On Saturday, Scott arranged a tour of a beautiful horse farm for us.  The in-laws of a friend of his from grad school owned the specific one we went to, and they showed such great hospitality.  They have bred two Derby winners and a total of 34 Grade 1 winners.  We were able to feed and pet the horses, which was awesome!  They were absolutely beautiful, and the rolling hills of the farm were made even more breathtaking since the leaves had already started changing there. The particular farm we went to was Mill Ridge, and it is part of an initiative called Visit Horse Country, which includes around 25 or so farms that you can tour in the area.  I know nothing about horses and really enjoyed it, so if you are into that sort of thing, you would love these tours!  Taking pictures by them was so funny, because they would start nibbling your hair or nuzzling you, and you just couldn’t help but die out laughing!  It was supposed to rain all day long on Saturday, but we lucked out, and the rain stopped by about 10:00 am!



After that, we went to an outdoor shopping area called The Summit at Fritz Farm.  It had so many awesome stores, a ton of which aren’t your typical “outdoor shopping center” stores, like Ariat, Draper James, Pottery Barn, and some local boutiques, among others.  There were also so many different restaurants to choose from, but we settled on the always tasty J. Alexander’s.  We shopped a bit after lunch, and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the UT game.

This poncho pullover is seriously one of the most comfy things I own.  This was the first time I had worn it, and y’all just get ready to see it on repeat around here.  It is so easy to just throw on and go.  I layered it with my go-to gingham button-up underneath, but I’m also planning to just wear a regular long sleeve tee under it the next time.  It has pockets in the front which were perfect for the cool weather this weekend, and I love the detail of the zip-up back.  It’s made of the softest fleece-like material, but it seems to be a little better quality than regular fleece.  Since the forecast called for rain, I threw on my Hunter boots for the day.  I wear these with all kinds of outfits, even when there is no rain in sight.  I just love the unexpected pop of color that they bring, but they also come in neutral colors like navy and black, as well as brighter ones like turquoise, red, yellow, any many more.  These high-rise Levi’s have seriously become my favorite pair of jeans in the week that I’ve had them.  They were on sale for $45, and I had seen numerous bloggers with them on.  They aren’t the mom-jean-like Levi’s of our childhood.  They are stylish, flattering, high-waisted, and I really love the wash.



PULLOVERCaslon Pullover (wearing XS/S P)  |  GINGHAM SHIRT:  J.Crew (wearing size 2)  |  JEANSLevi’s 721  |  HUNTER BOOTS:  Saks(wearing size 8), Nordstrom  |  EARRINGS:  Loft  |  NECKLACE:  Loft (gold)


The UT/KY game was a 7:30 kickoff, and the high that day was only 45 or so, so we bundled up in layer upon layer, stocked up on 30 hand warmers, and headed over to the stadium.  Beth’s family was doing a tailgate and were nice enough to let us stop by.  They grilled dove poppers, bratwursts, and ribeye sandwiches, and everything was sooo yummy!  They were also smart enough to think to make a fire, which was a lifesaver.  We pretty much huddled around that thing for the 2 hours we  froze  tailgated prior to the game.



JACKETJ.Crew Factory (wearing a 0P, but I should have gone up to a 2P)  |  TOBOGGAN:  Amazon ($13!)  SCARF:  Dillard’s (last year), similar: Dillard’s, Target, Target 


Nathan and I’s seats were literally on the very last row of the stadium!!  After 10 minutes of being up there where it was a lot cooler and more windy, we were literally just freezing.  We had decided that if we couldn’t sit any lower, that we were going to leave after the 1st quarter.  We’ve been to some cold football games before, but the wind that night was just bone chilling cold!  Luckily, not long after the 1st quarter, we were able to move down to the first level to some empty seats and sit with our friends.  Of course, the Vols couldn’t quite pull off a win, and us gals were huddled up to each other as close as we could to try and stay warm throughout the game.  They didn’t play just horrible, but they made some crucial mistakes.  All we can do now is hope to win 3 of our next 4 games to make it to a bowl game.  I’m not losing all hope just yet!  I hope you all had a great weekend, too, and were able to stay warm.  Here’s to the beginning of the last week in October!  How crazy is that to say?!  Have a great week, friends!