Home Post – Gallery Ledges & Walls

Good morning, friends!  We woke up to a chilly morning here in Spring Hill, and yesterday we experienced one of the coolest daytime temps we’ve had yet this season.  It is supposed to get in the 30s at night this week also, so I would say it’s safe to say fall is finally here to stay!  This past weekend, Nathan and I had a little staycation in Leiper’s Fork at the cutest cabin to relax and celebrate our anniversary.  The cabin was perfect, and it felt like we were in the mountains somewhere instead of 20 mins from our house!  It was just what we needed to be able to be lazy and sleep in (if by sleep in you mean waking up at 6:00 or so thanks to Payton haha!).  The owner was great, and she made the most yummy homemade blueberry muffins for us both mornings!  I would definitely recommend staying there if you or someone you know is looking for a place to stay in the area.

Now on to my first home post!  I’ll randomly be doing home posts of things that inspire me and decor that I love.  This one is going to be focusing mostly on our living room and ways to effectively showcase photos when space is limited.  We live in a 1,600 square foot home and are very limited on space and storage.  We love our home and our cute little street, and my husband has lived here for 13 years.  Until we have kids, who will add a ton more “stuff”, we don’t yet have a real reason to move.  So for now we are working with what we’ve got.  As long as I can have 3 of the 4 closets I’m good to go ha!

The main focus of our living room is the gallery ledges.  I love taking pictures and displaying our travels, family, and friends all around our home.  It just makes it more cozy and homey for me to be able to look around and see things and people that make me smile.  I’m instantly taken back to the moment in that photo and start to remember the memories captured.  With that being said, I don’t like for my walls to look really busy or crowded.  One way to alleviate this is to make a well-planned gallery wall or use gallery shelves or ledges. Contrary to belief, gallery walls can actually be done easily and on a budget.  You just have to plan, make a diagram or at least have a good visual beforehand, as well as search for frames in your price point.

I like to call my style “rustic traditional glam”.  I love wooden accents that warm up a space, while also throwing in metallic pops or mirrors to bounce light around, and I love a traditional feel.  My go-to home stores are Pottery Barn, TJ Maxx, Target, and West Elm.  If I need something in a hurry, I know I can go to any of these stores and probably find the exact thing I am looking for.

I really wanted a way to display a number of different photos in our living room, but I didn’t want to have a million holes in my wall.  I started looking around for some ledges, but they were all so ridiculously expensive, and they weren’t even half as long as I was wanting.  I decided to google how to make some, and a ton of different plans came up.  I made these for around $20, and anyone can easily do it!  The only tool you need is a nail gun, and if you don’t have that, you can just use gorilla glue!  If y’all would like to see a DIY on these, head over to Instagram and comment on the pic I posted today so I can see if it is something worth doing if there’s interest.  I love the idea of throwing in some other decor besides photos to add more visual interest and break things up, such as initial lettering, canvas paintings, mirrors, whatever you prefer!  You really can’t go wrong here, as long as it fits together with your overall decor style.

I love the color of these Pottery Barn frames.  I scored them on major sale last year, and I wish I had bought more!  They are a light champagne color, and they have a silver glimmer sometimes when the light hits them.  The top row appears a lot more gold in these photos than they are.  They are all actually the same color, and the bottom row is a better representation of their true color.  I love being able to easily change out the photos whenever I get the itch.  As you can see, I’m also a huge fan of mixing metals.  You can mix gold and silver interchangeably and make it look seamless.  I have done this throughout my home, and love how it looks.  You don’t have to be tied down to one accent color either.  You should pick 2 and disperse those throughout each room.

I got this blue tufted couch from PDs in downtown Franklin.  It is a hidden gem, and if you haven’t been, go!!  I promise you will not be disappointed.  They have a ton of the farmhouse-esque and industrial decor that is so popular right now.  Their prices are actually very reasonable compared to others with similar offerings.  Our coffee table is from World Market, and I just love the size of it and how open it is.  Kaitlyn Bristowe has the same one in her new house, so that makes it cool, right?!  We needed somewhere to set drinks when we eat dinner (I know, we should eat at the table, but we don’t…) and just another piece to anchor the room.  It works so well with our space by allowing your eyes to see through it, and not having a solid piece in the middle of the room makes everything appear more open.  I love topping tables with pretty books.  You can use all kinds, be it decorating, photography, food, etc., whatever you prefer.  You can make anything work as long as it goes with your style, and they are great conversation starters for when you have company over as well!  As you can see, I love having throws and blankets around also, probably a little too much…They just make a home appear more cozy and lived-in to me, and I loved snuggling up with a blanket while watching tv.

I installed a gallery wall at my condo before I moved here, and I loved that look also.  I just knew that in our home I wanted the aspect of the wooden ledges to warm up our living room since we have cooler gray walls.  Also, there are only 4 holes in my walls now as opposed to 20.  There are so many different ways to arrange the frames, and you can’t go wrong whether you’re going with a symmetrical modern feel or an eclectically arranged look, depending on your style.  The most important thing to do when planning out your wall is to measure, measure, and measure again! An easy way to do this is to lay out your frames on the floor. That way you can move them around and get just the right layout before making any unnecessary holes in your walls. I’ve included some of my favorite gallery walls and ledges below for inspiration.  Thanks for following along, and have a great rest of the week, friends!


Leather Sofa:  Pottery Barn

Gallery Frames:  Pottery Barn  (similar:  West Elm(silver), West Elm(gold), Target(gold), Target(black))

Bamboo Blanket Ladder:  Celadon (similar – Target, AmazonWayfair, Wayfair, Kirkland’s)

Coffee Table:  World Market

Rug:  Pottery Barn (no longer available, similar: Pottery Barn, ESaleRugsPottery Barn, Wayfair, Wayfair)

White/Teal Throw (on ladder):  Zestt Hudson Throw Blanket

Books:  Styled, The Inspired Room, Old Home Love

Blue Sofa:  PDs in downtown Franklin

Accent Chairs, Side Tables, Lamp:  TJ Maxx

Wooden Blanket Basket & Blue Blanket:  Pottery Barn(basket), Pottery Barn(blanket)

‘P’ Pillow:  Target (similar:  Etsy, Etsy, Pottery Barn)


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