Happy 2nd Anniversary To My Hubby!

Two years!!  Holy moly, I can’t believe we have already been married for two years!  I feel like time is literally just flying by.  There have been so many highs, some lows, lots of learning, tons of adventure, and our love is stronger today than I ever thought it could be.  Going through these photos brings back all of the amazing memories of our wedding day.  I don’t think the smiles left either of our faces the whole entire day.  We were both able to enjoy and soak in every last minute and memory.  It turned out better than either of us imagined it would, and even though there were probably hiccups that we never knew about, the whole day was absolutely perfect in our eyes!

I’m posting some of my favorite pics below.  I know it looks like I posted every single picture from that day, but this isn’t even a fraction, and I had such a hard time narrowing them down!  Sarah Gilliam did such an amazing job capturing every moment, and looking through these automatically takes me right back to that day and the amazing time we had celebrating with all of our friends and family.  Happy Anniversary, Nathan!!  Thank you for loving me like you do, always taking care of me, and for being the best partner in this crazy life that I could ever have dreamed of.  I love you!!


Our First Look


Family & Bridal Party Pics


Detail Pics


Individual Pics